Hey everyone! Hope your winter break has been restful! We just wanted to update you on a little change that will be happening for this blog. Marjorie, the one responsible for all our DIY projects, will be graduating in May and, thus, no longer able to steer the reigns on this fabulous blog. She has set up shop at her own personal blog (www.thekipiblog.com), where she will feature similar DIY projects (some of which are featured here!), photography, and other wonderful shenanigans. Every once in a while she'll share a DIY project with us on this blog so you can continue to follow the goodness we are creating here. Enough words for now, here is a DIY project on how to make floral ice cubes!



photography by marjorie; model: antonia

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the crazy M.I.A-ness. Taking five classes a semester, running a 
business, doing research, and trying to enjoy senior year are pretty much incompatible with one another. So excuse the serious delay, but I can tell you that there will be AWESOME new do-it-yourself projects posted soon over the winter break. Our shop is partially out of service (any items purchased now until the end of January won't be available for pick up or delivery until February 1st) but feel free to poke around the website

Otherwise--keep tuned on our blog and subscribe so you can see when we post our newest projects!




Hi Ladies! As the temperatures begin to drop and the Yard starts to look more beautiful than ever, we must ask ourselves one question—and no, it isn't "When am I going to finish this p-set??" More  Equally importantly, it's "What two or three pieces am I going to add to my wardrobe for fall?" Well, since we like fall here (had to do it, sorry ;) ) I'm bringing you four—that's right, four, just in case you're feeling spendy—great pieces that'll take you through fall (and winter with an added layer or two). Enjoy! :)

1. Dress with Faux Leather Appliqu├ęs, Zara $79.90 - This dress may be a little bit of a splurge, but it's definitely a wardrobe investment. An LBD (little black dress) is a closet essential and this one is pretty perfect, especially at this price point. The hemline is long enough to take you from a fancy dinner to an office interview and the leather paneling at the shoulder, which is right on trend this season, makes this LBD anything but basic.

2. Silk Summersong Top, Madewell $49.99 - The color palette in this watercolor floral top is perfect to layer with your existing fall basics:  navy sweaters, brown boots, slim gray trousers...the options are endless.

3. Brown/Checked Blazer, H&M $59.95 - The equestrian-inspired trend is one that never seems to go out of style for the colder months. With that being said, you'll probably have this blazer for a very long time. Bonus: it is definitely one of the easiest ways to dress up a pair of dark-wash jeans and flats.

4. Neda shoe, Aldo $70 - A midnight-blue, suede flat that is beautifully embellished. Need I say more?

Happy browsing, ladies!

And to see how I style myself this fall, CHECK OUT MY BLOG: The Fashionesta


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